What a Fun Wedding

Congrats to Nicole & Manny on their special day. And congrats to Theresa for throwing a spectacular party! The elusive Viennese Room was in full effect.

Happy Independence Day

As Brooklyn swelters in the early July heat and humidity, I am boarding a train heading south, to our nation’s Capitol and beyond. Happy Birthday, USA!

Spiderman Takes Manhattan

Last night, while walking the dog on 42nd Street in Manhattan, I followed Spiderman.  He was just strolling down the street, headed west towards the Hudson.  He stopped to say hello to a few people, otherwise, he generally kept to himself. I reckon he was taking a crime-fighting break and was finished for the evening.

Saturday in the City

It was a busy day at work this past Saturday in New York City. Multiple work events and I was the driver.  I don’t mind driving in the city (in fact, I rather enjoy it). Traffic, on the other hand, is a different story. I snapped a few photos: sunset with a view of downtown…

Fire Island

I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon and see the Fire Island Dance Festival at The Pines and it was a great time!

Central Park in Spring

The weather has been so beautiful in New York City that I decided to take advantage of it and go for a walk through Central Park.