Warrenton House

I recently found this footage while backing up my hard drive.  It turns out I have quite a collection of video snippets that I have captured over the years.  I wonder what other gems I shall find! An old house full of old things in Warrenton, Virginia

Warrenton Cemetery

Mary Beth and I enjoyed a stroll through the cemetery in Warrenton, Virginia. It was a crisp and breezy, late Autumn afternoon. It was perfect timing as #HalloweenIsComing

It’s Almost Halloween

I have left Brooklyn to head south for a few days. Mary Beth and I took the train to Washington DC. It’s a breezy, Autumn day in Virginia.

Weekend in Virginia

I spent the past weekend in Virginia with the lovely host and hostess: Mary Beth and Kevin Jobe.  The weather was gorgeous and I was able to enjoy fresh, country air along with beautiful landscapes. An afternoon in Fredericksburg was a pleasant surprise thanks to the large number of antique shops. I recommend to anyone…


The weather in Virginia was beautiful and made the perfect backdrop for a drive south.